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UX Research, UX Design

Duration :

January - May 2019

Tools :

Figma, Adobe XD


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Competitive analysis is a key aspect when in the beginning stages of an SEO campaign.
Far too often, I see organizations skip this important step and get right into keyword mapping, optimizing content, or link building. Capitalize on low hanging fruit to identify a ballpark value added activity to beta test. Override the digital divide with additional clickthroughs from DevOps.
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Many dancers have trouble when it comes to practicing and improving their skills. During group dance practices, there is very little one-on-one time as there are many other members that might be in need of guidance.

Without this guidance, the dancer will not be able to improve upon their own skills, leading them to feel not confident about themselves. The goal of our app is to help dancers improve their dancing skills and be able to share the recording they captured with others to obtain constructive criticism. 


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Next Step helps dancers improve their skills using feedback they receive  from their dance captain and through watching videos assigned to them.

This interaction between the dance captain and its members allows the specialized attention that a dancer at any level needs. 


We conducted in-person interviews with a diverse group of dancers, ranging from novices to intermediates and advanced dancers. These individuals varied in their dancing backgrounds, from those who simply enjoyed dancing for fun to those who competed at a high level. As we analyzed their responses, it became evident that there were common themes shared among the interviewees.

All interviewees shared a common practice of using smartphones to record their dance performances and those of their dance teams. Their motivation for doing so was consistent: they aimed to enhance their own skills and contribute to the growth of their fellow dancers.

Recording served the dual purpose of attracting new members to their teams and preserving memories of past dance performances, whether in showcases or tournaments. These individuals recognized the power of visual documentation as a tool for improvement and promotion.Moreover, the stakeholders across these interviews unanimously favored utilizing popular platforms such as YouTube and Instagram. They leveraged these platforms not only to learn and refine dance techniques but also to seek inspiration for innovative dance moves.

This digital engagement underscored their commitment to continuous learning and creativity in their dance journeys.While there were many commonalities, there were also distinctions between the various interviewees. Novice dancers predominantly focused on acquiring the fundamentals of dance. In contrast, intermediate dancers placed a strong emphasis on achieving group synchronization, often extending their help to fellow dancers struggling with specific moves. Advanced dancers pursued a more advanced objective: the exploration of new dance styles that resonated with their personalities and tastes.

Their desire to distinguish themselves from others led them to avoid imitation, instead using their movements to express their unique character and style.In summary, our interviews revealed a dance community deeply committed to self-improvement, team growth, and creativity. While the use of technology and social media was universal, individual aspirations and focuses differed based on their dancing experience levels, reflecting the rich diversity within the world of dance.

User Personas

Based on my research findings, I created three user personas:

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"Next Step" is a mobile application crafted to be a guiding companion for dancers on their unique learning journeys. Our app is meticulously designed to deliver a tailored and enriching experience through dance tutorials, enabling dancers to flourish in their craft.

By consolidating an array of essential tools onto a single mobile platform, we empower our users to reclaim valuable time that can be directed towards their passion for dance.Effective communication forms the bedrock of any dance group, and our virtual platform serves as a seamless conduit for this purpose. Dance teams can efficiently disseminate critical information to their members.